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We represent the finest names in musical instruments

About Us -- ProductsTom Lee Music is the exclusive representative of many of the world-famous names in musical instruments. To all these esteemed principals, we are a devoted business partner and a friend in the global music community.

We satisfy every need for instruments, accessories, written music, instructional videos, etc., for all music lovers. In fact, anytime you step into a Tom Lee Music shop, you instantly feel the enormity of the realm of music and the exciting creative potential of everything under our roof.

The products sold in our stores are promoted for their unique characteristics. Using effective promotions, well-trained staff, and attractive displays, Tom Lee Music demonstrates leadership in the trade.

To promote music appreciation, good sound production, reproduction and broadcasting are needed so that every member of the audience can enjoy the purest sound quality in music performances. Therefore, Tom Lee Music also provides state-of-the-art equipment for stage shows, professional broadcasts, and in fact, for all the aspects of the entertainment business.

Besides constant research in improving the traditional acoustic instruments through adopting more innovative designs and sophisticated materials, technology also regularly unleashes new products for creating music. We update our product breadth and width when these new items emerge, to accomodate those who want the latest instruments and audio products. Our manufacturers are leaders of the market, aggressively pursuing perfection. To give maximum benefit to the music community, we never stop seeking and importing the most advanced technology and highest quality music instruments and equipment so that everybody has access to the best the world has to offer.