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Professional advice and after-sales service
Unprecedented ISO 9001:2008 Quality Service Certification

Tom Lee Music's knowledgeable and customer-oriented service team is well-known by its complete coverage and recognized by our clients for its professionalism. Our engineers are sent overseas for advanced education and training in order to uphold the highest standard of service.

We organize musical instrument maintenance workshops for our customers, to enhance their knowledge of instrument upkeep, and help them consistently generate the best sound.Since 2001, Service Department achieved 9001:2000 Quality Management System attested to our commitment to quality service.
In 2009, Service Department also gets the new version 9001:2008 QMS certificate and upgrade our quality service.

Moreover, our distinctive partnership with leading manufacturers enables us to offer unmatched after-sales technical support and consulting service. Our customers can therefore always trust us to cater to special needs. Also, with our spacious warehouse totaling over 100,000 square feet and an advanced computerized inventory system, we can maintain a constant and efficient supply of product to meet the market demand.