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Music for the people

Whether it's Lee Music Foundation brings worldclass artists of all genres, from near and far, to Hong Kong. These performances serve two purposes: to bring the stimulation of live performance and the diversity of music to the public, and to give a learning opportunity to aspiring musicians.

Not only do we present professional musicians, but also allow developing musicians to showcase themselves. Many music functions, either in the form of contests like Carlsberg Music Expression and the Electone Festival, or as public performances like the Junior Original Concert and Harbourfront Fest, provide the challenges of the stage to amateur musicians. Invaluable experience and lasting memories gained by participation in these events are greatly the treasured by the players.

Furthermore, extensive sponsorship is leant by Tom Lee Music, through providing instruments, audio equipmemt, manpower, funds or promotional support, to various music activities and other worthy causes to promote the appreciation and enjoyment of music in the community.