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Today, Tom Lee Music is a group enterprise involved in music worldwide. Tom Lee Music retail outlets are established in Hong Kong, China, and Canada. We have international expertise which allows us to have a global understanding of manufacturers, retailers, and customers. This kind of coverage is unparalleled in Southeast Asia.

To cope with the rising demand for quality musical instuments, home audio systems and pro-audio equipment in mainland China, Tom Lee Music has established extensive distribution network throughout the country to serve specific market segments and product categories. We aim to cultivate the China market through our dealers by providing marketing expertise, dealer support and comprehensive customer service. As a result, musicians of all levels in the country can benefit from the best products and the best services available.

Across the Pacific, we have been established in Canada since 1972 and now have five stores in Greater Vancouver. Tom Lee Music's highest principles and ideals are inherent in the operation of these locations as well.