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Tom Lee Hong Kong Youth NeoWinds Orchestra
Profile: Tom Lee Hong Kong Youth NeoWinds Orchestra was formed in April 2004 by Tom Lee Music Foundation

The Tom Lee Hong Kong Youth NeoWinds Orchestra was formed in April 2004 by Tom Lee Music Foundation led by the distinguished band director Danilo Delfin and outstanding musicians including Maria Wong (Woodwind Instructor), Scott Liu (Brass Instructor), and Choy Lap Tak and Choi Suk Fan (Percussion Instructors). Its objective is to offer high-quality orchestral training to young wind music talents in Hong Kong. Renowned artists and maestros from around the world have been invited to conduct masterclasses and workshops for its members to broaden their musical exposure.  

NeoWinds presented its debut concert in February 2005 with Masami Takakura, former conductor of the Yamaha Band Tokyo guest conductor. Since then NeoWinds has become very active, offering high quality performances and concerts to the public, featuring guest conductors, performers and performing groups from overseas as well as from Asia, including Taiwan trumpeter Prof. Yeh Shu Han, American conductor Dr. Thomas E. Verrier, Japanese marimba soloist Kunihiko Komori, percussionist Choy Lap Tak, trumpeter Fung Ka Hing, saxophonist Dr. Kenneth Tse, the Hong Kong Oriental Brass, the Ying Wa School Choirs, the Methodist School Black Light Drama Group, the Hong Kong Youth Choir, the Dunearn Military Band from Singapore, the Live Band of Hong Chi Winifred Mary Cheung Morninghope School, and MIB Woodwind and Brass Band of Hong Chi Morninghill School. In May 2009, NeoWinds invited Dr. Lee Tian Tee from Singapore to be the guest conductor for its annual concert. 

Apart from organizing regular concerts, NeoWinds actively participates in international music events in order to share music with people worldwide and further enrich the members’musical experience. NeoWinds participated in the 12th International Conference of the World Association for Symphonic Band and Ensembles (WASBE) in Singapore in July 2005, the 9th MID EUROPE - Conference for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles in Austria in July 2006 and the 14th Conference of the Asian Pacific Band Directors Association (APBDA) in August 2006. In July 2008, NeoWinds participated in the Singapore International Band Festival 2008 and was awarded the 3rd Prize in the Open Class Competition. In July 2009, the orchestra was awarded the 2nd Division Gold Prize in the 16th World Music Contest in The Netherlands. In 2011 NeoWinds is the only symphonic band from Hong Kong invited to perform at 2011 WASBE Conference in Chiayi City, Taiwan. In 2012, NeoWinds took part in various musical exchange programme with local schools as well as an oversea public performance in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



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