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Profile: Hong Kong Representative Band of YAMAHA Asian Beat 2009 vs Tokyo Band Summit GRAND FINAL (8/11/2009 in Japan)
Awards: YAMAHA Asian Beat Band Competition 2009 HONG KONG - Champion and Best Keyboard Player
Masterpieces: 外遊尋味 (Galloping) - Asian Beat 2009 Entry Song

Blaster was found in spring of 2007.

- Chan Yiu Hin, Hin (Vocal)
- Lau Chun, Neil (Guitar)
- Lee Wan Kin, Ken (Bass)
- Cheung Siu Wai, Rap (Drums)
- Lau Cheuk Hei, Anton (Keyboard)

"BLASTER" interpreted as a revel and explosions, we hope that our music can express our joy and to give the joy to all the others. And we hope that our music can bring others into an explosion of shock and to express our feelings like an explosion; like a moment that give audience the most brilliant performances.

About the entry song:
Galloping, the main idea of this song is to express how busy of a typical Hong Kong people. Their work and rest just like traffic lights; Red light represents that you need to work pragmatically. After a period of time, the light turns into Green which stands for rest. However, the green light will soon turn into flashing lights, which is the warning from rest back to work.

At the other side, while we would like to express the attitude of "here today, gone tomorrow".

The song is talking about a typical busy Hong Kong people. After a day of work and they will travel tomorrow. But, they don't have much time to prepare the trip. They feel so anxious of packing up the luggage. After the feeling gone away, they fell asleep with the dream of travel adventure. And there is still some residual of memory left over while the alarm rings.

Then, they go galloping down to the airport. While they are enjoying the holiday, nevertheless they also recall their work. Flashing lights, warning, sounded again...

「YAMAHA Asian Beat 2009 vs Tokyo Band Summit」- Blaster's videos:

tokyobandsummit's channel on YouTube:

yamahajp's channel on YouTube:

LIVE!! (Tom Lee Music events with links) :

YAMAHA Asian Beat Band Competition 2009 HONG KONG (21/9/2009)

Tom Lee Music Carnival – Live Band Performance (3/1/2010)



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