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Profile: Hong Kong Representative Band of YAMAHA Asian Beat 2008-2009 GRAND FINAL (28/2/2009 in Hong Kong)
Awards: YAMAHA Asian Beat Band Competition 2008 HONG KONG - Champion and Best Vocalist;
YAMAHA Asian Beat Band Competition 2008-2009 GRAND FINAL - Best Vocalist
Masterpieces: Shine a Light - Asian Beat 2008 Entry Song

“We are Summer Junkiez. 4 mates that got together in the summer of 2008 and decided to make music that doesn't constrict us to just one genre. Have a laugh, enjoy the sun and take it easy. That's what we're about.”


- Anthony Yang Barry (Vocal)

- Wong Chunk Yiu, James (Guitar)

- Au Hin Yeung (Bass)

- Leong Kwok Hei, Keith (Drum)


About the entry song:

Shine a Light - When you're in a relationship, sometimes things just don't work out. But when things don't work out between two people, it's not always a bad thing. I guess it's also about learning from the past and starting over.


LIVE!! (Tom Lee Music events with links) :

YAMAHA Asian Beat Band Competition 2008 HONG KONG (3/12/2008)

YAMAHA Asian Beat Band Competition 2008-2009 GRAND FINAL (28/2/2009 in Hong Kong)

Tom Lee Music Carnival – Live Band Performance (11/1/2009)



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