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Profile: Internationally acclaimed percussionist,
educator, presenter, the creator of
Developmental Community Music (DCM),
and TOCA artist

The world of percussion has expanded dramatically beyond the parameters of the music discipline. A good portion of the credit for breaking down barriers, of having percussion acknowledged as a unifier, healer and a wellspring of the most positive of human attributes, goes to Kalani. The master percussionist is equally well versed in classical and indigenous traditions and employs his facility to a range of activities from performance to healing.

One of Kalani's most recognizable performances was broadly televised: the special Yanni Live at the Acropolis, now immortalized on CD and DVD. This is but the tip of the iceberg, however. Kalani has performed and recorded with many of the legends of modern music including Max Roach, Kenny Loggins, John Mayall, Michael Kamen, Barry Manilow and Melissa Manchester. In addition, he has laid down percussion live and overdubbed for a long list of major motion picture soundtracks.

Kalani is equally known for his educational, drum circle and mentoring concepts and is one of the world authorities on the role of percussion in these "off stage" areas. A former Chairman of the Percussive Arts Society's Recording Drumming Committee, he created Together in Rhythm, a book and DVD, which inspires facilitators to help people come together and play music together.

A California native, Kalani received a Bachelor of Arts from the State University Northridge and is a certified specialist in the Orff-Schulwerk (Orff), a comprehensive approach to teaching music and movement to children. He has received countless awards and citations for his multi-pronged roles: drum circle facilitator, instructor of Los Angeles children, clinician, performer, author of books (All About Congas and West African Drum & Dance, Alfred Publishing), and producer of instructional DVDs through MVP Home Video.

Kalani continues to tour the globe in his tireless efforts to promote the percussive cause. He uses a variety of Toca percussion instruments according to his varied requirements: studio, stage, percussion gatherings, therapeutic activities, and child oriented. His accomplishments are truly global in nature and he has inspired people from all cultures.

LIVE!! (Tom Lee Music event with link) :

Percussion Masterclass by KALANI (26/3/2010)




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