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Profile: SoundBase Festival 2007 - Gold Prize & Best Individual Performance Award (Chris Collins)
SoundBase Festival 2008 - Silver Prize & Best Individual Performance Award (Jovelyn Fuego)

Masterpieces: - Shoebox in the City (SoundBase Festival 2007 Entry Song)
- Master (SoundBase Festival 2008 Entry Song)

Joves arrived in Hong Kong from the Philippines when she was four. The city she calls home is one of the biggest inspiration for all her songs, second only to her friends. Her unique acoustic originals have been described as a fusion of jazz, bossa nova, contemporary and alternative pop, rock, & folk. Chris was born, raised and schooled in Hong Kong. He completed his Bachelor of Music (Contemporary) degree at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney and is proficient in a wide variety of styles on both guitar and bass guitar.


Band Members:

- Jovelyn Fuego, Joves (Guitar/Vocal)

- Chris Collins (Bass)


About the Entry Song (2007):

“Shoebox in the City" is about my home Hong Kong, SOHO, and the markets in Central, but it can also be about any city in the world that's busy and compact. It describes a place of character and a city of transient people who you become friends with but inevitably leave so you're left to enjoy the view.


LIVE!! (Tom Lee Music events with links) :


SoundBase Festival 2007 - Acoustic Band Competition - FINAL (14/9/2007)


SoundBase Festival 2008 - Acoustic Band Competition - FINAL (14/8/2008)


Tom Lee Music Carnival - Live Band Performance (21/10/2007 & 26/10/2008)


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