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Profile: Hong Kong Representative Band of YAMAHA Asian Beat 2011 GRAND FINAL
Masterpieces: Phantom’s Clutch (Asian Beat 2011 Entry Song)

Founded in April 2010, Jukator, with its name meaning "player" in Romanian, has depicted the unity, the passion and the persistence of the five members towards music. Pursuing the same dream; Jukator, five members in one soul.


Jukator has represented Hong Kong in the "Yamaha Asian Beat Band Competition 2011 Grand Final” held in Seoul, Korea on November 13, 2011.


Awards of "YAMAHA Asian Beat Band Competition":

- 2011 Champion & Best Guitarist in Asian Grand Final in Seoul, Korea

- 2011 Champion, Best Guitarist & Best Keyboard Player in Hong Kong Final

- 2010 Best Keyboard Player in Hong Kong Final

- 2008 Best Keyboard Player in Hong Kong Final (Wong Wai Kin@Dreams Audible in Future)


Band Members:

- OK Lo (vocal)

- Siam Chan (guitar)

- Jacky Man (bass)

- Joseph Ho (drum)

- WongWai (keyboard)

(2011 Asian Beat)

- Lo Hok Sik, OK (vocal)
- Ip Yiu Ming, Bonaventure (guitar)

- Man Chun Kit, Jacky (bass)

- Ho Pak Wai, Joseph (drum)

- Wong Wai Kin (keyboard)




LIVE!! (Tom Lee Music events with links) :


YAMAHA Asian Beat Band Competition - HONG KONG (6/9/2012, 6/9/2011 & 5/8/2010) (guest performer)


Tom Lee Music Plaza @HKCC – Band Connect (27/1/2013)

Tom Lee Music Carnival – Live Band Performance (16/10/2011)


Jukator - Asian Beat Celebration Party (10/12/2011)


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