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A Musical Kid is a Smart Kid

Want to provide your child with chance for greater academic achievement, lifelong joy and satisfaction? Recent research findings suggest that music education in general is an excellent first step toward improving preschooler's abstract reasoning skills and increasing general intelligence.

Music instruction appears to create changes in the brain that improve the child's ability to learn, comprehend and retain information, even if that information is not related to music.

A new study conducted by Dr.Frances Rauscher from the University of Wisconsin and Dr. Gordon Shaw of the University of California shows music lessons can improve a child's ability to grasp time-and-space relationships.

Researchers conduced that piano instrument will lead to a greater learning ability in standard, non-musical curricula as well. Researchers also have known for some time that there is strong correlation between music education for young children and the development of self-discipline, patience, sensitivity, coordination, as well as the ability to memorize and concentrate.

Music educators say children should begin musical instruction as early as possible Typically between the ages of 3 and 5.

Mr. Bob Dove, general manager and executive vice president of Boston Piano Co., says there is mounting evidence that the earlier children learn music, the better they can learn and the more they will enjoy life.