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Making Music Makes You Smarter

Music plays a role in the development of children from the strains of the first lullaby. A new research shows an important link between musical training and cognitive abilities, particularly spatial abilities (e.g calculating a proportion or playing chess). A group of three-year-old children who took six months of piano lessons got higher scores in spatial ability test compared with others who received lessons on other subjects like computer. According to the research in University of California, music lessons improve a child's performance in school. After eight months of keyboard lessons, preschoolers showed a 46% boost in their spatial IQ.

It is also shown that children who receive music training are likely to reap benefits lot more than those who just listen. While playing with a band, a child must also keep up with the whole group. In no other subject is a child called upon to make four or five decisions per second . The constant vigilance and forethought coupled with ever-changing physical responses is an educational experience of unique value, helping children to be able to learn more easily. They also learnt team spirit through the musical performance and this is a virtue simply applicable to other goals.