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Starting a School Band

Undoubtedly, music plays an absolutely important role in our life. Yet, what good can it do for the youth who are still in school yearning for wisdom and life directions? According to a sociology and psychology research, school band training helps children nurture independence, confidence, discipline and sense of achievement and cooperation. More importantly, it also enables school-goers to develop all-rounded intelligence besides passively taking up bits and pieces from books and homework. For the school, a school band means more exposure in external activities such as community celebrations and athletic meet in the district. Organising a school band is as easy as any other school activities. Below are the tips to start the ball rolling:

  1. Type of school band Based on the available budget and school objectives, decide on the type of school band to organise;
  2. Equipment Can choose to buy or purchase by installment;
  3. Venue for practice Practice sessions must not create any disturbance to others, therefore a venue should be good for practice anytime; - Organisation structure Decide on how many committee members will be needed to run the band smoothly; lining up band tutors and conductors is also necessary
  4. Practice timetable The frequency of practice session? any contest or performance?
  5. Recruit members Try best to promote the band to the peripheral community, so that interested or talented parties will know how to join the band; a good chance also to explain the band objective to parents.