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The Development of Music in Hong Kong

Do you have any idea what Hong Kong music is? Canto pops? Karaoke? The Hong Kong Philharmonic? Likely you are not sure, just like most of us. No one seems aware that Hong Kong does have its unique sounds and style. Don't just take our word for it, read <The Development of Music in Hong Kong>, just released by Joint Publisher, and discover the wonder of Hong Kong music culture.

The book details how the real Hong Kong music has evolved in 3 major areas, that is, education, creation and performance. There are 9 topics, as listed below, covered by music professionals who spent their precious leisure time to share with us their research results, opinions and visions. Each author, in fact, is the most ideal person chosen for the corresponding topic. The book is extremely informative, full of data and facts with inspirational expert analysis. It is precisely written but in a very readable style. Every chapter will be treasured by the readers, whether they are musicians, music lovers or just history and culture buffs.

This book is essentially the first ever formal literary work that really explores music in Hong Kong. However, when compared to the width and the depth of the actual subject matter, just one book of several thousand words can only be considered a short briefing. But it does create landmark to guide future adventurers onto even more scenic paths.

As the editor mentioned in her prefix, we need many more such works to really cover the subject well. Hopefully <The Development of Music in Hong Kong> is just the beginning of a new era in Hong Kong music literature. To the editor and authors, we salute you.

Content of <The Development of Music in Hong Kong>:(1) Music Education, Activities and Creation In Early Hong Kong (2) Musical Performances And Activities In Hong Kong In 20th Century (3) Hong Kong Composers And Their Works (4) Modern Music Of Hong Kong (5) The Development Of Music Education In Hong Kong (6) Chinese Music In Hong Kong (7) Popular Music In Hong Kong (8) Promoting Hong Kong Music - The Channels And The Media (9) The Copyright System For Hong Kong Musical Creations

<The Development of Music In Hong Kong> is now available in Tom Lee Music stores.