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Triangle, Tambourine & Castanet Detail Structure

The most common classification of percussion instruments divides them into 2 categories, of definite pitch and of indefinite pitch. The latter includes most of the smaller percussion instruments, like triangle, tambourine, castanets, cymbal, gong and sleigh bells.

The triangle, made up of a bar of round steel bent into the shape of an equilateral triangle with one corner open, is struck with a short metal rod.

The tambourine is a small drum with a single calfskin head. In the narrow shell are openings where pairs of thin brass discs, called "jingles", are set on wires.

Tracing its origin to the Spanish word for chestnut - "castane", the castanet is made up of 2 pieces of shell-like hard wood tied together with a piece of string. The modern orchestral castanets are, however, hinged on the end of a handle, by means of which they are shaken like a rattle. The castanets are used most often to highlight the rhythm of Spanish music, especially that of Spanish dance music.

Structural diagram
Structural diagram