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Glockenspiel & Xylophone Detail Structure

The word "glockenspiel", which means bell-play in German, is noted for its small, but bright and silvery bell-like tone. The glockenspiel used in marching bands is made up of a set of steel bars set in a lyre-shaped frame, while the modern orchestral glockenspiel is made up of two rows of steel bars, arranged roughly like piano keys. It is played with beaters or mallets with hard or soft heads.

The xylophone is similar to the glockenspiel in construction, except that the bars of xylophone are made of rosewood instead of steel. The modern xylophone is also equipped with perpendicular resonators underneath the bars. The playing technique is similar to that of the glockenspiel, with roundhead mallets made in various degrees of hardness and resilience. The tone color of the xylophone is relatively dry and "wooden", with little resonance.

Structural diagram
Structural diagram