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Electone and the Orchestra

The Electone has been a favored instrument of both children and adults to make popular tunes come alive with brilliant sounds and rhythms. Today the world of Electone has expanded beyond the domain of pop and solo performances into the world of classical and orchestral ensemble performances. This new role for the Electone is being further developed with the efforts of tertiary education institutions including universities in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Explorations in using the versatile Electone as the key to various educational aspects of music are being done through the following three approaches:


To develop more scores for the Electone, there is no need to compose special purpose pieces. It is only necessary to make new arrangements in existing works. Take the musical main frame of an orchestral piece and simplify it with the single and fading notes of a piano. Then enrich the simplified work with the multi-instrument, multi-tone as well as versatile audio effect of an Electone. This is called consolidation. In reverse, as in enlargement, one may take a piano piece and inject it with the above-mentioned Electone features so as to enhance it to become more extensive.

More Bi-Keyboard Players

By encouraging piano players to learn the techniques of playing the Electone, there will be more "bi-keyboard players" who could extend the realm of keyboard music. The musicians will also be able to stretch their power to create and play music.

Enjoy Melting-sounds

This means using Electones to partially replace each real instrument section. The most significance of this is the possibility of playing, even creating, large works with only a few musicians.

Combining the above three would lead to the biggest contribution of the Electone in the area of classical music education as well as development.