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Steinway Crown Jewels A188 East Indian Rosewood


Since 1853, every Steinway has been a hand-crafted original, enduring and beyond compare.  From today, the name Steinway will also be associated with a major premiere; Steinway & Sons proudly presents the Steinway Crown Jewels.  Every grand and every upright piano in the Steinway Crown Jewels Collection is painstakingly handcrafted especially for its owner.  Which means that not only can every owner choose a specific model, and select their favourite woods and grains, they also have the opportunity of seeing their Steinway Jewel taking shape, by visiting the factory in Hamburg and watching Steinway & Sons' master craftsmen at work.

The exclusive Steinway Crown Jewels Collection of grand and upright pianos includes all the sizes in the standard Steinway & Sons range.

An exclusive collection of exciting grand and upright pianos, made from the most exquisite woods the world has to offer.  With their breathtakingly beautiful colouring and the strong appeal of natural wood, these are more than just musical instruments.

The owner of a Steinway Crown Jewel will own a work of art which is totally unique.  Every Steinway Crown Jewel is made to order for its owner, to their personal specification.  Discover these jewels that delight both eye and ear !

The Steinway Crown Jewels, Wonders of nature,  Masterpieces from Steinway & Sons include the following 9 species in the Steinway range of standard sizes :-

1. The Ruby Macassar Ebony (Polish or Satin);

2. The Sapphire East Indian Rosewood (Polish or Satin);

3. The Emerald Santo Rosewood (Polish or Satin);

4. The Opal Kewazina Bubinga (Polish or Satin);

5. The Topaz Pommele Mahogany (Polish or Satin);

6. The Malachite Amberwood (Polish or Satin);

7. The Jasper Burl Walnut (Polish or Satin);

8. The Tiger Eye Indian Apple (Polish or Satin);

9. The Aquamarine Ice Birch (Polish or Satin).


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