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Buffet Crampon Divine Clarinet


Whereas the Tosca clarinet was the R13 bore's top range model, the Divine features the Buffet Crampon RC bore's latest evolution.

Pitch: 440/442Hz

- Natural African Blackwood
- Poly-cylindrical bore according to the Buffet Crampon method
- Green LinE tones holes slots on the upper joint
- Metal-capped tenons
- Carbon wire on barrel, lower joint and bell
- Synthetic cork on tenon, no lubrification necessary
- Raised C# - G# tone hole (A only)
- Delivered with 2 barrels (66 and 65mm long)

- 19 keys and 6 rings
- New Adjustable thumb rest
- Eb lever
- Low F correction key, low E (option)
- Silver-plated or golden plated finishes
- Highly reliable keywork
- metal O-ring pins
- Blue steel springs

- Combination of GT pads (100% waterproof and breathable) and natural cork pads

Available in Bb and A key