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Powell PS750 Sonare Piccolo


While the PS-750 appears distinctly different, it adheres to its deep roots and maintains the Powell Sound. Every facet of this instrument has been sculpted by the innovators and flute makers at Powell Flutes.

The art deco stainless steel mechanism provides a strong, stable platform for even the most delicate of players. The rectangular touch pieces also encourage a more ergonomic hand position. As an added benefit, stainless steel will not tarnish.

The PS-750 is available in three shades of a beautifully grained and tinted American hardwood stabilized with an acrylic resin. This American hardwood is resonant and remains stable through severe temperature and humidity changes.

This exciting new instrument is completely made at the Powell workshop in Maynard, Massachusetts by Powell’s skilled artisans.

l          Stainless steel ( available w/ Golden steel ) , art deco style mechanism

l          A-442 pitch, Modern Powell Scale

l          Pisoni Star pads

l          Stainless steel springs

l          Classic hand cut headjoint

l          Zippered black case, swab stick and silk swab


Hear what professionals say:

"The square keys make it so much easier to play very fast passages. Everyone loves my pianist says "it's a work of art"!
Denise Ricker - Flute Teacher/Freelance Musician
"I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it because it is so distinguished looking, and the case is a perfect match! Thanks for helping me out. I'm glad to join the Powell family."
Anne Lutz - Customer, Windworks Studio of Philadelphia
"The Sonare Piccolo has gotten excellent reviews from our customers and teachers.  I have found it very easy to play, and as a technician, I really like how well it set-up it arrived and how stable the mechanism is."
Miles DeCastro - Repair Shop Manager, Bridgepoint Music