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Melton Meinl Weston 195 BBb Tuba


Melton Meinl Weston 195 BBb Tuba


After almost 2 years of thourough research, testing and ongoing development, Meinl-Weston is proud to release the new BBb-Tuba to the market. Once released to the public, "Fafner" received only positive comments from players, conductors and critics alike - Heiko Triebener who played "Siegfried" with Bamberger Symphoniker claims that he never ever has received such unanimous enthusiastic comments from his colleagues about a new instrument.


BBb Tuba

        Fafner” model

        5/4 size

        4 rotary valves

        Bore: 21,5mm / .846˝

        Bell diameter: 48cm / 18.9˝

        Height: 106cm / 41.7˝

        Vertical pull tuning slide

        Yellow brass