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Powell Conservatory Series Aurumite 9K Handmade Flute


Powell Conservatory Series

Aurumite 9K Handmade Flute

Mr. Powell made his first conservatory flute in 1928, called the Commercial model. Today’s Conservatory models combine the aesthetics of the traditional Handmade Custom model and are offered with a hand cut Custom Powell headjoint.

Materials :                                                                                                                                                            

Aurumite® flutes are created using a patented process that fuses two tubes of gold and silver. The Aurumite body is .016" thick with an exterior layer of 9k rose gold and an inner layer of sterling silver.  This unique material combines the projection of silver with the warmth of gold.

Specification :      

        French (open) cups, pointed arms with low B footjoint

        Drawn tone holes (made with patented Zinki technology)

        The Modern Powell Scale, A-442 or 444 pitch

        A fully pinless mechanism with traditional adjustments

        A hand-cut Custom headjoint, pointed arms        

        Straubinger pads   

        Available with offset G or in-line G.