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Powell Signature Flute


Powell Signature Flute

The Signature flute is crafted of sterling silver, using proprietary technology to produce such high quality that Verne Powell’s signature is engraved on the instrument. For three-quarters of a century the name "Powell" has meant quality in flutes. It still does.

Headjoint :                                                                                                                                                              The Powell Signature headjoint is designed to be easy to play, while being colorful, focused, and flexible. These headjoints are hand cut by professionally trained flutists who also craft Powell’s Custom headjoints.

Specification :

        Sterling silver body and key

        French (open) cups, pointed arms with low B foot       

        Drawn tone holes (made with our patented Zinki technology – US patent #7,420,109)

        The Modern Powell Scale, A-442 pitch

        A traditional pinned mechanism with hidden adjusting screws

        A hand-cut Signature® style headjoint  

        Straubinger pads