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Action & Tuning Section

The Action and Tuning Section is a winning team of masters in piano repairing and tuning. Trained extensively by the finest brand names in piano such as Steinway & Sons, Bosendorfer and Yamaha, the section provides the highest quality and reliability services. Besides in-home services, we also service the instruments in concert halls, studios, hotels, where requirements are extremely demanding. With experienced, dedicated technicians and expansive facilities, our services cover everything from a standard tuning to a total restoration of your valuable instrument.

Carpentry Section

The Carpentry Section comprises of a team of skilled craftsmen and a completed set of advanced woodworking machinery. We satisfy all requests regarding the repair of the wooden parts of a piano; and also provide the finest piano crating service in town.

Paint Room

The paint room - Unmatched craftmanship in piano painting is achieved by a team of experienced painting specialists. A fully government certified pressure-spray room is an investment for the sake of the finishing quality, as well as environmental safety.

Orchestral Instrument Section

Members of the Orchestral Instrument Section are fully factory trained. We serve both private and orchestral players and have been the indispensible support of performances throughout the region.

Electronic & Pro-Audio Section

The Electronic and Pro-audio Section possesses equipment of ultimate precision and sophistication. Our technicians are trained by our world-renowned principles in Europe, America and Japan. This section handles all types of digital instruments from keyboards, hi-fi, to professional mixers.

Parts Section

The Parts Section is computerized and stocked with current parts to service different kinds of repairs in the shortest time possible.

Also providing guitar repairing services at Guitar Section, Tom Lee Cameron Lane Main Showroom.

Service for Piano Restoration

Piano is a durable musical instrument. If the refurbishment (cabinet repaint and action repair) takes place at the right time, you can grant a new life to the piano. With proper maintenance, the piano can be used for a long time. It is environmental friendly and you can also keep your memorable piano. Our Action Section is well equipped and our skillful technicians can provide full services to you.

Service for Wind Instrument Reconditioning

Do you know you can give a new life to an old instrument? Our Orchestral Instrument Section is well equipped with different kind of tools and spare parts. In addition, we have a team of first class technicians with excellent craftsmanship. Your instrument can be reborn and product find piece of music again.

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