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Tom Lee Music's knowledgeable and customer-oriented service team is well-known with its total-care professionalism. Our engineers are sent overseas for advanced education and training in order to uphold the highest standards of all related industries. Since 2001, Service Department achieved 9001:2000 Quality Management System attested to our commitment to quality service.
In 2009, Service Department also gets the new version 9001:2008 QMS certificate and upgrade our quality service.

What is ISO

ISO (International Standardization Organization) 9001 is series of quality management system, which demonstrates a commitment to quality as well as ability, in order to satisfycustomer needs.

Simply, ISO is the system connecting different operational units, with organized and smooth documentary and work flows that allow best utilization of resources and guarantee best outputs.

What is the benefit for our customers?

Eventually, an ISO certificate means a mark of world class after-sales service for your beloved instruments.

Is there time validity of such Certification?

ISO 9001 is not an one time certification. Tom Lee Music must maintain services of the highest standards in order to continue ISO 9001 recognition.

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