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Tom Lee LIVE | REMEMBRANCE 回憶 (Young Steinway Artist: Dr. Poon Kiu Tung 潘曉彤博士)

日期 Date: 18/6/2020 (星期四 Thursday) 
時間 Time: 19:00
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今集主題:Livestream Concert – Remembrance (直播音樂會:回憶)
以音樂創作來緬懷過去在音樂史上有不少例子,法國印象派作曲家拉威爾和中國當代作曲家周龍正展現了兩個不同時代和文化背景對過去的緬懷。拉威爾於1914-17年以巴羅克法國鍵盤音樂風格寫成鋼琴組曲《庫普蘭之墓》,悼念他在第一次世界大戰中戰死的友人。他在1901年寫成的《水之嬉戲》更代表了他對兩位大膽創新的作曲家佛瑞和李斯特的致意 。周龍受到先秦古籍《山海經》的啟發,在2012年寫成《鋼琴鐘》,以低音區琴弦上的刮奏和極高音的微顫音群描繪《洪鐘》與《霜鐘》的共嗚。《鋼琴鑼》的靈感來自京劇鑼鼓與鐘磬敲擊音響特性,以大小京鑼與鋼琴創造了一種獨有的音色。

This recital features piano works by French composer Maurice Ravel and Chinese composer Zhou Long that reminisce on what were profound to them. Written with the sensibilities of Baroque French keyboard style, Ravel dedicated his Le tombeau de Couperin (1914-17) to his friends who had died fighting in World War I. He paid homage to his teacher Gabriel Faure and Hungarian composer-pianist Franz Liszt, two progressive figures of their respective generations, by writing the virtuosic Jeux d'eau (1901)Zhou recalled the ancient bell sound from the Classic of Mountains and Seas by producing a rumble of sound waves inside the piano in his Pianobells (2012). He brought back the Beijing opera percussive sonority by juxtaposing Chinese Opera Gongs with piano in his Pianogongs (2006). This recital is dedicated to the deaths and sufferers in the recent social unrest and the pandemic.

影片重溫 Event Review (YouTube video):

演奏曲目 Programme Highlights:
周龍 ZHOU Long (1953-)
鋼琴鐘 Pianobells (2012)

拉威爾 Maurice RAVEL (1875-1937)
水之嬉戲 Jeux d'eau (1901)

周龍 ZHOU Long (1953-)
鋼琴鑼 Pianogongs (2006) - 為鋼琴獨奏和大小京鑼而寫 for piano and two Chinese opera gongs

拉威爾 Maurice RAVEL (1875-1937)
庫普蘭之墓 Le tombeau de Couperin (1914-1917)

1. 前奏曲 Prélude
2. 賦格 Fugue
3. 佛拉納舞曲 Forlane 
4. 里哥東舞曲 Rigaudon
5. 小步舞曲 Menuet
6. 觸技曲 Toccata

===== 潘曉彤博士 Dr. Poon Kiu Tung =====  
青年施坦威藝術家潘曉彤活躍於北美及亞洲,曾應邀參與美國坦格烏國際音樂節及阿斯本國際音樂節丶北京長城國際音樂節及法國五月藝術節演出,在坦格烏德音樂節與Mark Morris舞蹈團的首演更獲得《紐約時報》等好評。潘氏熱衷於現代音樂,並與多位美國作曲家及中國作曲家合作,多次應邀於歐美大學及學術論壇上發表講座及演奏會。潘氏畢業於香港中文大學丶美國印第安納大學布明頓分校及得克薩斯大學奧斯汀分校,以全額獎學金完成音樂藝術博士(鋼琴演奏)學位,並一直兼任助教。師承鄭慧丶Jean-Louis Haguenauer丶郭嘉特丶Anton Nel,亦隨Michel Béroff丶Claude Frank丶Jean-François Heisser丶John O'Conor丶Garrick Ohlsson丶John Perry及 Manahem Pressler習琴。現任香港中文大學音樂系講師(表演藝術)及演奏課程統籌 。

Young Steinway Artist Kiu Tung Poon appeared as recitalist and collaborative pianist on concert stages in the US, UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Vienna, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China. International music festival appearances include Tanglewood and Aspen in the US, Great Wall in Beijing, and Le French May in Hong Kong. As an advocate of new music, she was privileged to work with today's foremost American and Chinese composers and has given numerous lecture-recitals and performances in the US, Asia, and Europe on Chinese-Western syncretism. Her world première of Mark Morris/Samuel Barber's Excursions with Mark Morris Dance Group in the Tanglewood Music Festival received enthusiastic review by critics writing for The New York Times and Boston Phoenix.

Graduated from the Indiana University Bloomington and the University of Texas at Austin with a DMA in Piano Performance, her principal mentors were Cheng Wai, Jean-Louis Haguenauer, Gabriel Kwok, and Anton Nel. She also worked with Michel Béroff, Claude Frank, Jean-François Heisser, John O'Conor, Garrick Ohlsson, John Perry, and Manahem Pressler during summers. She currently teaches at her alma mater The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a lecturer in performance and serves as the performance stream coordinator in the Department of Music. More information available at

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