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Free Shipping for Hong Kong Local Orders Over HK$2,000
Free Shipping for Hong Kong Local Orders Over HK$2,000


Winter Exclusive Offer Winter Sale

Winter limited privileges have officially started, with nearly 1,000 selected products for you to choose from, and you can easily choose gifts for girlfriends, boyfriends, children, best friends and colleagues. There are many more musical instrument sets, choose your favorite musical instrument now! The promotion period is from now until January 2, 2022, and you can purchase it in all major stores or Tom Lee Music Online Store now.

Winter Sale Product Offers:

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, Click here to fill in the form to inquire about the product, we will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.
There will be surprises and exclusive discounts at any time in the stores, Welcome to buy in all stores.

*Pictures are for reference only.
*The prices of items on this website may be different from those in the store.
*Offers are subject to terms and conditions. In case of any disputes, Tongli Music Co., Ltd. has the final decision.

  • KORG

    Korg i3 Music Workstation

    Online Sales
    Original Price $4,600.00
    Current Price $2,990.00

    Inspiring, Intuitive, and Instant  With the i3 Music Workstation, your musical themes and phrases catch fire and quickly explode into complete rea...

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  • KORG

    Korg RK-100S 2 - Keystar

    Online Sales
    Original Price $6,800.00
    Current Price $5,800.00

    More beautiful than ever.The long-awaited rebirth of KORG's famous keytar. Since its appearance, the RK-100S keytar has been a hit for its uniquel...

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  • Yamaha reface DX

    Yamaha reface DX FM Synth

    Purchase In-Store
    Original Price $3,900.00
    Current Price $3,400.00

    Create your sound any place, any time. For keyboardists, music creators and sound interfaces of classic reface Mobile Mini Keyboards are reimagin...

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  • Roland TR-06

    Roland TR-06 Drumatix

    Online Sales
    Original Price $3,200.00
    Current Price $2,720.00

    Authentic TR-606. And so much more. The TR-06 is a detailed replica of the classic Roland TR-606—with some major modern upgrades. Our new Roland Bo...

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