Pirastro Evah Pirazzi 小提琴弦線

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi 小提琴弦線

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Pirastro "Evah Pirazzi" Rope Core Steel Cello Strings

A high quality set of cello steel strings that offers an impressive harmony. The evah pirazzi cello set is suitable for soloists, orchestral and chamber musicians.

The A & D strings have a warm core sound which is combined with an impressive brilliance. The smooth transition from the D to G string is unmatched. The G string continues and deepens the radiant sound picture of the D string and the evah pirazzi set is rounded off with the powerful and clear sounding C string.

A High-Tec manufacturing process combined with choice advanced technology materials make this new cello set with surprising tonal clarity and ease of response on the entire scale from pianissimo to fortissimo. Until now, this has never been expected from steel strings and allows the possibility for a whole new range of expression.

This easy playability and quick, clear response of the instrument is a result of the compliment of choice materials and the string tension. Materials of the highest quality along with stringent quality-control have been and are the basis for dependability and durability during development and now during the manufacturing of the evah pirazzi cello set.

The evah pirazzi cello set is also available in Soloist version. With its brilliance, warmth and outstanding big volume it is the ideal set for soloists.