CodaBow DGA4 GX 碳纖 小提琴弓

CodaBow DGA4 GX 碳纖 小提琴弓

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CodaBow DIAMOND Collection GX ( Gold Level ) carbon fiber violin bow

As the crown jewel of the DIAMOND Collection the DIAMOND GX embodies the unrivalled marriage of timeless craftsmanship and industry-first technology. Designed for professionals, the GX offers performance once resvered for only the finest pernambuco bows.


Design : Professional                                                                                    

Shaft Technology : Graphite Diamond Weave                                             Graphite fibers, masterfully woven in our trademark pattern, extend precisely from button to tip. This naturally elegant innovation achieves the highly-sought balance between strength and flexibility                                                                              

Acoustic Core : Kevlar                                                                                    The propietary Acoustic Core (pure or blended) increases power while still offering the natural sensitivity and the organic tone of premium pernambuco.

Tint : Pernambuco                                                               

Size : Full Size Only

Frog Design : Traditinal

Forg Maker : Walter Paulus

Inlay : Gold

Body : Polished Premium Ebony

Slide : Select Goldfish

Fittings : Sterling Silver

Grip : Moroccan Goat Skin

Winding : Sterling Silver

Tip Plated : Simulated Ivory

Hair : Gold Medal Stallion Hair

( Also available for Viola and Cello )