About Tom Lee Music

Tom Lee Music was founded in 1953 in Hong Kong. Today, it is a group enterprise involved in music internationally. Tom Lee Music has retail outlets on both sides of Pacific in Hong Kong, Macau and Canada. Among them, the Tom Lee Music Main Showroom in Tsimshatsui is one of the largest musical instrument stores in South East Asia showcasing the world’s most renowned manufacturers of musical instruments; including pianos, orchestral instruments, guitars, amplifiers, percussion, electronic keyboards, professional and personal audio products. 


We represent the finest names in musical instruments

Tom Lee Music is the exclusive representative of many of the world-famous names in musical instruments. To all these esteemed principals, we are a devoted business partner and a friend in the global music community.

We satisfy every need for instruments, accessories, written music, instructional videos, etc., for all music lovers. In fact, anytime you step into a Tom Lee Music shop, you instantly feel the enormity of the realm of music and the exciting creative potential of everything under our roof.

The products sold in our stores are promoted for their unique characteristics. Using effective promotions, well-trained staff, and attractive displays, Tom Lee Music demonstrates leadership in the trade.

To promote music appreciation, good sound production, reproduction and broadcasting are needed so that every member of the audience can enjoy the purest sound quality in music performances. Therefore, Tom Lee Music also provides state-of-the-art equipment for stage shows, professional broadcasts, and in fact, for all the aspects of the entertainment business.

Besides constant research in improving the traditional acoustic instruments through adopting more innovative designs and sophisticated materials, technology also regularly unleashes new products for creating music. We update our product breadth and width when these new items emerge, to those who want the latest instruments and audio products. Our manufacturers are leaders of the market, aggressively pursuing perfection. To give maximum benefit to the music community, we never stop seeking and importing the most advanced technology and highest quality music instruments and equipment so that everybody has access to the best the world has to offer.

After-Sales Services

Professional advice and after-sales service

Tom Lee Music's knowledgeable and customer-oriented service team is well-known by its complete coverage and recognized by our clients for its professionalism. Our engineers are sent overseas for advanced education and training in order to uphold the highest standard of service.

We organize musical instrument maintenance workshops for our customers, to enhance their knowledge of instrument upkeep, and help them consistently generate the best sound.

Moreover, our distinctive partnership with leading manufacturers enables us to offer unmatched after-sales technical support and consulting service. Our customers can therefore always trust us to cater to special needs. Also, with our spacious warehouse totaling over 100,000 square feet and an advanced computerized inventory system, we can maintain a constant and efficient supply of product to meet the market demand.

Music Education

Music for the community through music courses

Making music accessible, and developing the skills and appreciation for it are what we strive to do. The Tom Lee Music Foundation was created in 1977 to accomplish this mission.

The Foundation fulfills a key role in Hong Kong's music field to nurture the love and joys of music. It operates music centres throughout the territory, providing a wide range of music courses for children and adults. The teachers of Tom Lee Music Centres are some of the best in Hong Kong. They are highly qualified and dedicated to bringing out the talent in students.

Our courses are known for being systematic and enjoyable, so that pupils learn solidly while having fun. In addition to general music lessons, we offer the world famous YAMAHA Music Programs, specially designed by Yamaha Music Foundation, Japan, for young students to achieve strong musical skills and enhance personal development in an exciting and fun environment.

Music Activities

Music for the people

Whether it's Lee Music Foundation brings worldclass artists of all genres, from near and far, to Hong Kong. These performances serve two purposes: to bring the stimulation of live performance and the diversity of music to the public, and to give a learning opportunity to aspiring musicians.

Not only do we present professional musicians, but also allow developing musicians to showcase themselves. Many music functions, either in the form of contests like Steinway and Sons Youth Piano Competition and the Electone Festival, or as public performances like the Junior Original Concert, provide the challenges of the stage to amateur musicians. Invaluable experience and lasting memories gained by participation in these events are greatly treasured by the players.

Multi-National Network

Today, Tom Lee Music is a group enterprise involved in music worldwide. 

Subsidiary of the Tom Lee Group of Companies, a global enterprise involved in retail, distribution, education, audiovisual engineering, and real estate investment and development. Our business spans Hong Kong, China, Macau, Canada, and the United States of America.

Our global perspective allows us to share a vast breadth of knowledge and experience with our partners, clients, and customers.

Having international coverage also allows us the opportunity to create experiences with scalability and crossing cultural bounds.




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