Peecker Sound PSUT8TE

Loudspeaker systems | UPTURNED T series

Hybrid-dispersion Sound Column Top Element

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The PSUT8TE unit (Top Element) is a 98-cm tall column speaker with a power handling capacity of 400 W RMS, designed for sound reinforcement in contexts requiring a long throw and good intelligibility, including multimedia installations for shows and exhibitions of various types, as well as multi-purpose halls, convention and trade fair centres, cinemas, places of worship, but also in entertainment and performance venues. This type of speaker is truly unique and special, thanks in particular to the ingenious layout of the transducers that creates hybrid coverage: the first four loudspeakers from the top easily reach the far field thanks to a sound level decay typical of arrays (Max SPL at 16 m is a full 107 dB!), while the next four - oriented at angles determined by an in-depth physical-acoustic study - are directed towards the audience closest to the speaker, at about 2-3 metres distance.

  • Horizontal directivity of 140° (-6 dB); 
  • Modular structure with direct plug-in connections (no external power cables);
  • Digital amplifier with DSP (24-bit/96 kHz) integrated in the active subwoofer; 
  • Neodymium components;
  • Extreme portability with customized bags;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Birch plywood cabinet with weatherproofing treatment;
  • Peecker Sound TQM.


Power handling RMS 400 W
Frequency response (-6 dB) 140÷18k Hz
Peak SPL (@1m / @16m) 129 dB / 107 dB
Horizontal coverage angle (-6 dB) 140°
Vertical coverage angle (-6 dB) 15°
Nominal impedance 16 Ohm
Transducers 8x4" full range - neodymium magnet
Cabinet birch plywood
 Colour black or white
 Input connectors direct connection to another UT element
Dimensions (WxHxD) 15x98x23 cm
Net weight 10 kg 


STD-WUT8 Wall bracket for vertical support of 1 or 2 (1 PSUT8AE + 1 PSUT8TE) sound columns
STD-WUT1 Wall bracket for vertical support of 1 or 2 PSUT1 speakers (180° Hor. and Vert. rotation)
STD-PSUT124 Flying bracket for 2 or 4 PSUT1 speakers (side-by-side or stacked) 
STD-PSUTS Flying bracket for one PSUTS subwoofer
  PS-ST125 Adjustable-height stand holder for one PSUT8TE sound column
PSUT8-AC Jumper-SpeakOn converter and adapter flange for PSUT8TE to PS-ST125 stand
  PSUT8-ST70 Stand holder for spacing a PSUT8TE speaker from a PSUTBASE/A sub (ht. 70 cm)
  PSUT1-ST110 Stand holder for spacing one (or two) PSUT1 speakers from a PSUTS sub (ht. 110 cm)
  TRA-PSUT1 30W (16 Ohm)/100V line transformer for the connection of a PSUT1 speaker to 100V constant voltage lines
  TRA-PSUTS 150W (8 Ohm)/100V line transformer for the connection of a PSUTS subwoofer to 100V constant voltage lines
  UT8-COVER Protection enclosure for one PSUT8TE or PSUT8AE sound column


Protection enclosure for one PSUT8-ST70 stand holder



Protection enclosure for one PSUTBASE/A subwoofer