YAMAHA YTR9335CHS Xeno Artist (2019 年最新改良型號)

Artistic guidance was provided during the design stage by John Hagstrom of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Yamaha focused on achieving the ideal blowing resistance and weight balance, and re-thought every part of the new Chicago trumpet. Yamaha have created an instrument that is not simply easy to sound, but also provides delicate response when playing pp and powerful presence when playing ff. Every component of the instrument contains the input of artists from around the world, allowing Yamaha to create a highly evolved Chicago trumpet.

Xeno Artist Chicago Model, 2019 Latest Version

Number of Yamaha artist in world top orchestras has been increasing due to "Artist model trumpet" in recent years. To enhance their appeal even more, specification change will be implemented aiming better quality and capability.

Based on the new research‐findings of some vintage trumpets, design and thickness of valve casing of all models will be changed partially. Due to this change, the response will be much improved and shorter notes can be expressed more clearer. Pitch issue claimed from a specific area will be solved by changing bell style. Main tuning slide of Bb&C Chicago models will be changed from "semi‐square style" to "square style" ones equipped to NY models. Some parts equipped to current C Chicago trumpet are different from others' due to its earlier model‐change timing. These parts will be unified to the same style of other models. 

New case comes with an emblem with "YAMAHA" logo only. Instead , the new tag with logo of "Xeno Custom" will be included in the package, which customer is supposed to attach to the case handles. Please note the tag will not be supplied individually nor as the service parts to prevent misuse of it as it has the series name on it.

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YTR9335CHS - 2019 年最新改良型號

  • 調性: 降B調
  • 口徑尺寸: ML / 11.65mm (0.459")
  • 外觀: 鍍銀
  • 重量型
  • 揚聲口材質: 一片式, 黃銅
  • 揚聲口直徑 123mm (4-7/8")
  • 揚聲口: French bead, bottom seam
  • 吹咀: TR-17B4
  • 樂器袋: TRC-801E
  • YTR9445CHS: C 調小號 (口徑尺寸: L/11.73mm/0.462")