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Free store pickup |🚚 Free Delivery on Hong Kong order over $2000 ($800 for music publication orders) within 3-10 working days. Whatsapp : 2737 7688.

The Best Pianos For Beginners: A Guide With Recommendations

The piano is one of, if not the most famous instruments. It's given rise to countless musical classics as well as modern pop favorites and is an extremely popular instrument to learn. 

Beginners looking to buy a piano are often lost in the array of pianos that vary greatly in terms of price, size, capabilities, and type. This guide hopes to break down some of the most frequently asked questions as well as offer 5 beginner piano recommendations

Remember that all of the pianos recommended in this guide are more than capable candidates for a beginner’s first piano, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. 

Buying a piano is considered as a great investment for yourself or a household, and will offer you many years of happy playing in your home. But with so many brands and models to choose from, it can be confusing to know where to begin. Here we hope to help you make an informed decision. Below are some useful tips to help you get started, along with some general features to look out for :

-A recognized brand

-The Sound and the keys

-The Touch sensitivity

-Warranty and maintenance


What type of piano should you be looking for?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of piano: acoustic and digital. Acoustic pianos produce sound with strings that are struck by a hammer. Digital pianos, on the other hand, take high-quality samplings of the sound created by acoustic pianos and play them back through speakers as the key is pressed. Generally, acoustic pianos are viewed to produce the best sounds. Digital pianos have gotten incredibly good at recreating the sound and experience of a real acoustic piano, making them the perfect option for beginners. By extension, keyboards are a type of digital piano that focuses less on replicating the acoustic feel and more on portability and a wider range of sounds.


Which piano brands are best?

The brand always reflects its quality and durability. Whether it’s an affordable brand or an expensive brand, always look at the brand’s origin and understand how they make their pianos. A great piano brand’s reputation comes from years of dedication to craftsmanship, and with it, comes the reliability and performance that recognized brands are known for. Top brands include YAMAHA, Steinway & Sons, Carl Sauter, Petrof, and Schimmel. Moreover, customers need to consider during their piano purchasing experience things like after-sales service, including delivery and door-to-door installation, and tuning services.

Stay with any one of the reputable names like YAMAHA, Steinway & Sons, Carl Sauter, Petrof, and Schimmel while focusing on features suited to your needs.


Our top #5 best pianos for beginners:

Best Seller -Yamaha U1 Upright Piano

Designed for all levels of musicians, the popular Yamaha U1 upright pianos are made in Japan and feature outstanding tone, touch and durability. A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, U1 upright pianos offer outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured.

Silent Model -Yamaha YUS1 SH2 Upright Piano

The YUS1 SH2 offers Yamaha's outstanding musical performance and quality, for those who demand the very best sound. Combine the best of acoustic and digital pianos, acoustic piano with added Yamaha silent piano technology enable you for playing at all hours without disturbances.

PETROF Upright Piano - Model N118 M1

For a European piano sound, look no further than the popular compact Petrof N 118 M1. Its size means you can place it in the smallest interior, where its romantic tone will sing out beautifully. You can pass many pleasant hours with your family with this instrument, and perfect your keyboard playing. Its design makes it blend superbly with modern furnishings.

Yamaha Arius YDP-S55 Digital Piano

With an 88-key piano action, the GH3 (Graded Hammer 3) keyboard reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano, the model all features a piano Voice sampled from Yamaha’s flagship CFX concert grand piano—a renowned piano that delivers sparkling highs and a powerful resonant bass combined in a superbly expressive sound.

Compact model -Yamaha P-125 digital piano /Keyboard

The Yamaha P-125 is a compact digital piano that combines incredible piano performance with a user-friendly minimalistic design. Easily portable and extremely accessible, this instrument allows you to experience the joy of playing the piano on your terms.


Get your new piano today from Tom Lee

All of the recommended pianos above can be bought through Tom Lee. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the best piano for beginners, please contact us today.
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