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Free Shipping for Hong Kong Local Orders Over HK$2,000
Free Shipping for Hong Kong Local Orders Over HK$2,000


Local Spotlight Store

The uniqueness of a place is formed by the people and the culture. We ought to promote the culture if we want to promote a place. There are numerous format of culture, for us, Tom Lee Music, we choose to promote MUSIC. Local Spotlight, the brand new project of Tom Lee Music, will invite different local musicians to this platform to share their messages to all of you through their music.

Find out the CDs and souvenirs from our local artists at Local Spotlight Store now!

  • 逆流 NILIU

    逆流 NiLiu - 亂 . 世說 CD

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    逆流 NiLiu  - 亂 . 世說 CD Music Genre: Metalcore, Nu Metal Track List:  1. 六呎之下 2. 皇 3. 留離破 4. 毋忘我 5. 飛砂 Artist Page:  


    Dovey - 花影重來 CD

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    DoveyDovey - 花影重來 CD Music Genre: Rock Track List: 1. 序  2. Truly  3. 逆草同根  4. 再見不再見  5. 毋忘我  6. 花木蘭  7. Loyal to ourselves  8. 後知後覺  9. 留影 Artist ...

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    PHOON - PHOON CD Music Genre: Alternative Rock, Powerpop  Track List:  1. Intro 2. You! 3. 不妙 4. Me! 5. Pure 6. People In the Dark   Artist Page: h...

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