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Free Shipping for Hong Kong Orders Over HK$1,000
Free Shipping for Hong Kong Orders Over HK$1,000

With over a hundred years of experience manufacturing quality acoustic pianos, Yamaha offers a range of remarkable instruments for your home or stage. They make ideal pianos for everyone from beginner players to professional musicians, in any style from rock to Rachmaninov. Yamaha cultivates the essence of exquisite resonance piano with passion infused into every detail. Tom Lee Music is proud to carry a complete range of beautiful Yamaha acoustic pianos. Shop online now or at any of our retail stores.


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Yamaha has a piano or keyboard for everyone - from beginners to performers, from Rock to Rachmaninov.

With over a century’s worth of experience manufacturing world-class acoustic pianos and over a half-century in Hi-Fi audio and electronic instruments, only Yamaha can offer such a range of Acoustic Pianos, Pro Stage Pianos and Industry-Standard Synthesizer Workstations to consumer Portable Keyboards and Digital Pianos. Only Yamaha can offer an instrument for musicians at every level.


Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, Yamaha’s Acoustic Pianos are the ultimate expression of the piano maker’s art.

The culmination of over 100 years of craftsmanship and design, every stage of the Yamaha piano manufacturing process is predicated on time tested techniques honed over the years by Yamaha craftsmen. Following the best practice and traditions of fine musical instrument building, the eyes, ears and hands of each craftsman, along with their passion for the piano, make it possible for new instruments and sounds to be born each day at our factories.


Assembling the action mechanisms of a piano requires highly skilled technicians and specialized techniques. A mere one-millimeter deviation in strike-point position can adversely affect the sound. Unlike other manufacturers, Yamaha produces each and every one of the 5,500 components in-house using its proprietary precision machinery, resulting in actions that are extremely precise and faithful to design specifications. Also, to withstand many years of use, action mechanisms must be made highly resistant to continuous impact as well as to the effects of changes in temperature and humidity. Yamaha takes advantage of its proprietary technology for drying and gluing maple wood, the main material of an action mechanism, to produce piano actions that are marked by precision and durability. By thoroughly studying extensive feedback from pianists and music experts around the world, Yamaha makes constant efforts to produce action mechanisms that achieve the response pianists seek.


Yamaha has developed proprietary methods for soundboard production, ranging from the selection and drying of the raw spruce to the gluing of the panels. Knowing that soundboards play a vital role in determining sound quality, Yamaha handles every aspect of their production in-house–from the procurement of the finest grade spruce through the final finishing. With Yamaha proprietary drying technology, moisture content can be evenly reduced from every part of the wood. This method for uniform drying not only enables Yamaha soundboards to produce high-quality sound, but also makes them highly resistant to warping and twisting for superb durability. As a result, Yamaha pianos can retain their characteristic tone for many years to come. The cumulative knowledge of Yamaha enables us to create soundboards that are not only superb in resonance, but also aesthetically appealing with each panel neatly aligned by color and grain.


Yamaha is one of the very few piano manufacturers in the world that produces all of its own frames in-house using one of two methods: vacuum process casting and traditional sand casting. The frames for many of the Yamaha upright pianos and some of its grand pianos are produced using an advanced casting technology called V-Pro—Vacuum Shield Mold Process—an advanced casting method that creates a mold from dry sand held in place by plastic film and a vacuum. Yamaha was the first in the world to incorporate this process into piano frame production. Yamaha uses traditional sand casting to make the frames for its high-end uprights and grand pianos, such as the CFX concert grand. Frames produced via traditional sand casting contribute to a deep, rich piano sound. The Yamaha frames are also designed to be durable, resistant to the effects of changes in temperature and humidity, and are capable of supporting tremendous string tension in concert with the back posts.


Since 1887, when Yamaha Corporation began producing reed organs in Japan, the company has grown to become the largest manufacturer in the world to offer a full line of musical instruments. Today, Yamaha also provides a place for studying music and they create opportunities for showcasing original music. All of their work fosters an environment for the enjoyment of a variety of musical endeavours. Their strong commitment to promote and support music education is one of the most significant elements that distinguishes Yamaha from the rest.
Yamaha has endeavoured to produce products and services that satisfy the diverse needs and desires of people worldwide. Their products and services are recognized around the world for superior quality in acoustics, design, technology and craftsmanship. The corporate philosophies of Yamaha are embedded in their customer-oriented management and operations. They provide excellent products and services and make continuous efforts to expand their existing market and create new markets. They are committed to enhancing research and development with an eye on the future and also foster positive growth through diversification. Their holistic corporate objective is to contribute to an enriched quality of life for people all around the world.


The Yamaha Philosophy is the philosophical framework that forms the foundation for business management at the Yamaha Group.

The Yamaha Philosophy is made up of the “Corporate Philosophy,” “Customer Experience,” “Yamaha Quality,” and the “Yamaha Way.”
The Corporate Philosophy and Customer Experience express different aspects of the meaning behind the existence of the Yamaha Group, while the Yamaha Philosophy serves as its foundation.
Yamaha Quality and the Yamaha Way serve as the driving force behind the Yamaha Philosophy, and are intended to offer guidance for Yamaha Group employees in their daily work.
We utilize the Yamaha Philosophy as a foundation to draw from, and try to think from the customer’s viewpoint as we build on unique expertise and sensibilities, as well as the reputation for unparalleled reliability gained during our long history. Our goal in doing so is to consistently provide high quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers, and to create excitement and cultural inspiration together with people around the world.