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Free store pickup |🚚 Free Delivery on Hong Kong order over $3000 within 3-10 working days. Whatsapp : 2737 7688.

Be Careful of Paying a German Piano Price for Non-German Made Pianos.

For centuries, "Made in Germany" pianos have enjoyed a very high reputation for their level of craftsmanship. Numerous music lovers, pianists and artists around the world have chosen "Made in Germany" pianos for their high quality and value standards. However, "Made in Germany" is not a legal term, and the German government and law enforcement departments do not supervise or restrict the use of this term. As a result, there have been many "laundry pianos" in the market in recent years, which means that there are “German” piano manufacturers in the market that carry out most of the piano production in countries outside of Germany. Examples include the main components of the pianos being made of non-German raw materials or made with non-German hand-crafted techniques. These manufacturers then leave the last few simple steps of the piano production process in Germany, so that they can be labelled as being "Made in Germany" in order to mislead consumers that the entire piano is produced in Germany. A true “Made in Germany" piano recognizes the insistence on materials, craftsmanship and technology being sourced, produced and assembled in Germany. They are made with German-made parts and perfected by the exquisite craftsmanship of true German piano makers to ensure that each piano has a pure German origin.

1. Piano Cabinet material and manufacturing of the piano cabinet

For centuries, German craftsmen have been known for their ability to craft the finest furnitures, as well as for their ability to source the best material to build with. A piano is no different. A true made in Germany piano will have the piano cabinet made of multiple layers of MDF, along with a build quality to ensure that it will last for generations of playing.

2. The painting and polishing of the piano cabinet

German craftsmen are known for their ability to paint and polish a piano to a mirror-like finish. You will find that a true German-crafted piano will be flawless due to the meticulous attention to detail by a German craftsman. This will include sourcing the highest grade of paint and polyester materials, as well as requiring each piano to undergo multiple polishing procedures.

3. German soundboard

A true Made in Germany piano will have its soundboard made from real German spruce wood. German spruce wood is grown uniformly in low mountain ranges and Alpine regions, which creates a strong and flexible wood with dense straight lines that help transmit sound vibration effectively.

4. German pin block

A high-quality German pin block is made of multiple layers of hardwood in different directions, which stabilizes the vibration of the strings and in turn, allows the piano to remain in tune longer.

5. Made in Germany iron frame

The Made in Germany cast iron frame will be strong enough to withstand over 20 tons of the tension from over 230 piano strings in each piano.

6. German strings

German-made strings are made of high-quality steel alloys and brass. They are malleable and tough in order to allow any sound vibration to be accurate.

7. The manufacturing of the whole strung-back must be done in Germany
( including the pin block, iron frame, soundboard and bridges, strings, installation of piano strings, and the making and assembling of the back post system)

All parts are produced and fine-tuned by the in-house German piano techniques to present the highest quality and perfect harmony of sound tone.

8. All 88 keys must be manufactured in Germany

The keys are made of straight-grained spruce, which is light, strong, durable and have a good escapement. They are highly effective in transfering the strength played by the fingers to the piano action.

9. The whole piano action must be manufactured in Germany

Excellent Made In Germany pianos will feature 100% Made By Renner Piano Actions. The German Renner Action factory is world renowned for being the top action in pianos. The high-precision action is made of solid wood and modern steel which can prevent any deformation of the keyboard structure. The hammer can hit the strings accurately, and the high-quality wool felt hammer produced in Germany can create a round and full sound tone.

10. The assembling of the whole piano must be done in Germany

All the above parts are assembled in Germany to ensure the excellent quality of “Real Made in Germany”, providing the perfect playing experience to users of Genuine German pianos.

How can you protect yourself to certify the authenticity of a “German Piano”?
To certify the authenticity of a “German Piano”, please download the leaflet here⬇