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Free store pickup |🚚 Free Delivery on Hong Kong order over $3000 within 3-10 working days. Whatsapp : 2737 7688.
Free store pickup |🚚 Free Delivery on Hong Kong order over $3000 within 3-10 working days. Whatsapp : 2737 7688.



Browse and shop a wide selection of acoustic upright and grand pianos. Find your favorite acoustic piano model here and visit our retail store to try them in person. If you cannot find the product that you are looking for, click here to fill in the form to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Tom Lee – Your best place to buy acoustic pianos in Hong Kong

Whether you’re looking for your first upright piano to learn on or are a seasoned professional that wants a top-grade grand piano, Tom Lee’s retail stores will be the best place to buy dream acoustic pianos in Hong Kong.

Tom Lee is the leading distributor of acoustic pianos across Hong Kong and Macau. We stock upright and grand pianos from popular brands, including Yamaha, Steinway and Sons, and others.

You can buy a wide range of acoustic pianos at our store, but be sure to visit our retail stores across Hong Kong and Macau if you would like to try them out in person.

If you’re interested in acoustic pianos but are not sure exactly which model suits your needs, scroll down to learn more.

Which type of piano should I buy?

There is a wide variety of pianos available for retail at Tom Lee, including digital pianos, upright pianos, keyboards, and grand pianos. Digital pianos have become extremely popular thanks to their convenience, accessibility, and resemblance to the sound of acoustic pianos. However, if you are looking for an authentic playing and learning experience, upright and grand pianos are still irreplaceable for their unique sound and touch. Read more for a comparison of some of the different pianos we have on offer.

Upright Piano

Upright pianos are a great option if you have limited space in your home or if you are on a budget. They come in a wide variety of sizes and heights, and offer the playing benefits of true weighted keys and acoustic tones in a small size footprint.They are also relatively easy to move, so if you think you may need to relocate your piano in the future, an upright would be a good choice.

Grand Piano

Grand pianos are the preferred choice of many professional musicians due to their superior sound quality. A grand piano produces a grander and fuller sound as compared to other piano types. Grand piano sizes can range anywhere from a Baby Grand (5 feet) to a Concert Grand (9 feet).

The size of the soundboard and length of strings will influence the tonal quality of a piano. It offers a wide dynamic range, rich resonance, diverse tonality, and responsive touch. Only when all of these features are combined are pianists able to fully convey the rich sound expression that composers incorporate into their works.

Tom Lee Music – The Best Place to Buy Acoustic Pianos

Browse our online store for acoustic grand and upright piano models and brands you want to try, and visit Tom Lee music in person to enjoy a shopping experience you won't find anywhere else in Hong Kong. As the authorized retailer of many industry-leading piano brands, Tom Lee Music’s products are always 100% authentic, and come with factory warranties and after sales service. Enjoy peace of mind with your purchase by shopping at one of the most trusted acoustic piano retailers online and in Hong Kong.

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    STEINWAY & SONS Upright Piano K132

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    TRADITIONAL K-132 professional upright Introduced in 1903, this piano features a larger soundboard than many grands, for a more resonant voic...

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  • STEINWAY Grand O180
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    STEINWAY & SONS Grand Piano O180

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    O-180living room grand At 5' 10¾" (180 cm), the Model O is the largest of Steinway’s “small grands.” This piano is large enough to satisfy thos...

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